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Geraldine Swain




I am a Medium/Clairvoyant with over 25 years experience of working with the Spirit Realms.

I work primarily in Spiritualist Centres and Churches demonstrating Mediumship in public, giving people messages from loved ones in the Spirit world. I also work at Spirit Fairs giving one to one messages to people.  I work from home also and travel to people' s homes giving messages and Readings.

My work involves giving evidence and proof of survival of the Spirit through giving descriptions of people, with memories, guidance, and various communications. Whatever the Guides I work with feel is necessary for each individual.

I try as much as possible to help people understand their own pathway in life and to realise they are connected to the Spirit realm. Demonstrating this fact through giving messages from their loved ones and bringing this truth through from the Spirit world. Sometimes I am able to work with Guides, giving names, descriptions also and how they can work with Spirit themselves. It depends on the development of each indivdual I work with.

Teaching is also part of my work. I have run Workshops and Development Circles for Mediumship.

I am also a Fully Qualified SNU Healer.

Me working with the Spirit realm


Book a Reading with me either on here or on Facebook Messenger (Geraldine Swain); Geraldine Swain Medium/Clairvoyant/Vocalist page or or by phone 01243 265369.

I work in public also doing Demonstrations of Mediumship in Spiritualist Centres and Churches and Spirit Fairs or Community Centres, up and down the South Coast.

One to one Private Readings are done at my home or yours..if you are local to Bognor Regis.

I also do Parties of up to 6 be arranged.

I do Facetime Readings one to one via Messenger also. Arrangements made. Payment via Pay Pal

All bookings done on here or with Messenger on Facebook (Geraldine Swain);( Geraldine Swain Medium/Clairvoyant/Vocalist) or telephone as above.

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Geraldine Swain

Photgraphs of mine

Random photos of places I love

Photographs of some places I love to visit

Photography is a special hobby of mine, which I do at any opportunity - ask my friends !'.

A day out in Highdown Gardens, Worthing - a favourite place

A beautiful place to visit, to revive the Spirit when needed and to take in nature and build up your power and energy

Mike Birch's Almost Big Band performing at The Chichester Inn 2013

Melange Quintet performing at The Spring Arts Centre, Havant April 2018

Melange performing You've Changed at Music Bites Series in The Foyer of The Spring Arts Centre, East Street, Havant in April 2018.
Playing jazz, swing,Latin, contemporary and original songs and arrangements.


Melange Quintet performing East of The Sun in The Foyer of The Spring Arts Centre, East St, Havant in April 2018



I started singing as a child with my Father on guitar aged about 8 years of age to mostly Dusty Springfield songs and other pop tunes of the time. Some older tunes my Dad taught me.

I also sang with several Theatre groups in London whilst working in Fringe Theatre from 1980 - 83  and at the Edinburgh Festival in 1982, working on 3 plays there. 

I have been singing jazz within a jazz Workshop for over 15 years, originally started by Mike Birch, in Havant. This Workshop continued for over 13 years. We performed as Mike Birch's Almost Big Band for 5 years or so, mainly at The Chichester Inn and some local gigs.

Since Mike Birch passed away, we continued to work together as a Workshop band as a Workshop band playing jazz standards, Bossas, swing, balads, blues etc. We also performed original songs written by members of the Band. Performances were held at The Spring Arts Centre, Havant and various other venues locally. I also began writing my own songs and these were arranged by Band members. The Almost Big Band performed with varying numbers from 8 -10 musicians. We have performed together for the last 5 years or so, since 2016.

I formed the Melange Quintet, made up of members of the Jazz Workshop in 2017. We also performed at The Spring Music Bites session in March 2017and 2018.

 Melange Quintet consisted of myself on vocals, saxophone, guitar, bass and drums. We played an eclectic mix of jazz, swing, blues, Latin, contemporary and some of my own songs and arrangements.

I now perform with various small bands locally, with various musicians, performing mostly in pubs and restaurants and occasional private functions. We play some jazz standards, blues, swing, bossas and some original songs and arrangements of mine.

Various videos can be seen on You Tube, under Geraldine Swain, Mike Bircg's Almost Big Band and Melange Quintet,

Also on my Facebook page Geraldine Swain Medium Clairvoyant Vocalist.

For Bookings please contact myself by e mail: 

Facebook Messenger Geraldine Swain.56

Instagram @ Geraldine Swain.56 

Geraldine Swain Medium/Clairvoyant/Vocalist or call 01243 265369

I also have a Facebook page Geraldine Swain.56 Medium Clairvoyant Vocalist, showing some music videos.

Instagram @ GeraldineSwain.56 

I also have some You Tube videos under Geraldine Swain, Mike Birch's Almost Big Band and Melange Quintet.





This is me singing with Mike Birch's Almost Big Band in 2014 at The Chichester Inn, where we played regular gigs.

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